Section Properties

Download the spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet to calculate compound section (any section !) properties like Area, Moment of Inertia, Centroid etc.

How to Use:
1. IMPORTANT: you need to enable Macro. If not yet, go to Excel Option\Trust Centre\Trust Centre Setting\Macro Settings >>> Enable all macros.
1. Draw your section in with Excel cells: each cell is considered as an unit area of 1×1. Cell value = Material. Try to approximate your compound section with a range of cells.
2. Using SectionProperties function (array function) to calculate Area, Iy, Iz, Iyz, Centroid, Principal Axes Angle (Open spreadsheet to see how to use)

The theory is simple. You can make it better using my source code for free. Hope in the future I can collaborate with someone out there to make it a non-linear section analysis! (a very long way to go)

Draw in Excel like this is not very handy. Though, the result is nice and quick. Section change is updated in instant.

Here is an image of a Test section:Compound Section

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