7cad Align Text Plus


Every projects alway take twice or triple the planning time. After years of programming I still cannot make change that fact.

Anyway, at last here is my reward … (Clipped)

2 comments on “7cad Align Text Plus

  1. just found your text align lisp – excellent tool
    however when i hit right mouse button the new text disappears – it seems i have to hit enter key…is this correct.
    I will look at your other stuff soon,

    please feel free to check out cad stuff on my website also

    • Right click means move the selected text to new position. Left click means copy selected text and move it to new position.
      My lisp is now included in JTB Align Plus package, avaiable on Autodesk Application Exchange Store. Beside the significant upgrade of the original align command, there are 7 commands more, and the price is 10$.
      All my other applications are published by JTB World, or under construction. Thanks for your time on my blog,
      Kind regards

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